I need money for my dreams

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Hi there! This may seem weird to you, or not (this is quite common on the internet), but if you, dear reader, have some money you really don't need I would love to have it.
I'm a 23 year old university student from Iceland. I work part time in a care home but that is no way near enough to live on. I'm lucky enough to be able to live with my parents and have a good relationship with them but they don't have much money either and my greatest wish is to be able to help them out so they don't have to worry all the time.

Like the title of this site says, I need money for my dreams. I suspect most of you think I mean shopping, going out, buying unnessesary items and just living like a superstar. That's not it. My biggest dream at the moment is to be able to help my parents paying their bills and enjoying life without having to worry about money.

At this point, my guess is that many of you are thinking "why doesn't she just get another job and work like everyone else?" Understandable question! But the thing is, here in Iceland work opportunities for students are scarce. I have even tried internet jobs like affiliate marketing, surveys and stuff but, being in Iceland, those things are very limited.

But why should you give me money? You don't even know me! I'm not asking you to give me money if you don't have enough for your life and your dreams. Everyone should be able to follow their dreams and if you are in a position to do that I can only say that I'm incredably happy for you. And if you are in a position to give others money so they can fulfill their dreams you are one of the luckiest persons around! I hope I will be able to help people in that way one day.

Now, I think I have rambled on long enough.  If something on this page has made you want to help me click here for more information :)

Thank you for reading